Manual Assembly Solutions

Manual Assembly Solutions

Streamline your process and increase efficiency with a tailored solution from bott. avero is a flexible system that ensures that the perfect solution can be created to suit material flow through your production process. Versatile and completely Modular, you can amend your workflow system to suit your varying processes. A huge variety of options and accessories ensures that everything is at hand, creating an ergonomic professional environment.

Unser avero Arbeitsplatzsystem lässt sich sowohl als Einzelarbeitsplatz ausführen, als auch zu Montagelinien zusammensetzen.

MSC Technologies

"bott's specialists worked closely with our team to create a solution using avero that fulfilled all of our production line requirements. The finished product was fully ESD compliant, helped streamline the manufacturing and testing processes and perhaps most importantly in such a complex working environment, provided great ergonomic design. avero's electrically powered, height adjustable benches provide the perfect ergonomic position for our employees."

Mike Seger, Head of production support

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